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I recently volunteered to host my local Mom’s Club St. Patrick’s Day party!  While having a lot of energetic kids in my house was a little terrifying, I decided to give it a go……however the party never happened due to the Coronavirus but never the less here are a few of my ideas and the little décor I put up for my own kids.   The party was planned for kids ages baby-6 yrs old and their moms.   

For the menu I had planned a fruit rainbow, Irish flag veggie/cheese tray, Lucky Charm marshmellows, shamrock jigglers, shamrock punch and green mimosas for the moms.   Since I had green jello already purchased, I went ahead and made some jello for the boys.   I followed the directions on the jello box, but forgot to spray the mold with Pam, so the shamrocks came out a little bit disheveled.  They still tasted yummy! 


 The décor I planned was inexpensive and fun to put up!   I decided to go with rainbows!   I used paper streamers and white balloons to make a rainbow.   My plan would have been to put up a few of the rainbows throughout the house and use one for a photo backdrop. To make the rainbow I measured out how wide I wanted the rainbow to be and divided the width by the number of colors in my rainbow to figure out how wide to make each color.  I used painters tape to tape strips of each color to the wall.    I used 12″ white balloons to make a “cloud” at the top.   I tied two balloons together and then twisted two of the paired two balloons together to make a cluster of 4.  I then used fishing line to string the cluster of four balloons together.   This was super easy, I just ran the fishing line through and around a couple of the balloon clusters.   I used a command strip to anchor the balloons to the wall and tied the fishing line to the command strip.  Once the balloons were up, I then used a low temp glue gun to add in smaller white balloons to fill in any gaps and give it more of a “cloud” effect.   Note:  I did use all 12″ balloons (2 packs of 15) but just did not blow up the smaller balloons all the way.   I would NOT recommend this, see pic.  Get a package of 6″ balloons to go with the 12″ balloons. 

I used my witches pot from Halloween to make a pot of gold, added a piece of gold sparkle material on top and shamrock.   Wala!  A pot of gold left by the leprechauns.  I pulled out a few wardrobe pieces to complete our little St. Patrick’s Day Party!   Sometimes in life you cannot change the circumstances, but you can change your thought process and attitude to get through those circumstances!   And for a little giggle, check out the video of my oldest son’s reaction!   

I tried to think of a few different activities to keep the kids busy while us moms could get our girl chat on.   Our craft was going to consist of making rainbows.   Kids would have had the choice of making a rainbow out of fruit loops and marsh mellows with the help from a pipe cleaner, or a rainbow necklace.     I also purchased these St. Patrick Day slap bracelets from Oriental trading (however I later learned that crayons do not show up well on the bracelets so I would not recommend them unless you offered markers to color the bands).   A few of the coloring sheets I had planned were from the website: Teachers Pay Teachers and were FREE!   I highly recommended their site.  The site has tons of resources straight from teachers.  Some resources are free, some are for a small fee, and you can search by grade level! 

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