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Sparkle Inspiration! 

In today’s post I am sharing with you some of my favorite wristlets and purses I have done in the past.   These wristlets are super fun and easy to make.   They are the perfect accessory to add with your sparkle boots! 

This wristlet was inspired from the University of Cincinnati.  I love the bearcat eyes on the front and then the heart on the back.  I added a red and black wrist holder to finish the bag.   

The Colts wristlet turned out super cute!   I like ombre effect of silver to blue.  The strap is adorable as well! 

The Jaquars wristlet is another favorite of mine.  I LOVE the colors and it was super easy to make.   I used the Cricut machine to cut out the Jaquars font and then sparkled the back side entirely with gold and went back in afterwards to add the jaquar spots.    

I used my Cricut machine to cut out the Auburn logo and also the words War Eagle.   Sometimes a little sparkle goes a long way!   



I found this cute little purse from Goodwill and “up sparkled” it.    Its perfect for tailgating and carrying all of your essentials for game day!   This purse was originally made my Express.   It has leather accents on the corners however the middle portion was cloth so it worked well for this design. 

This University of Kentucky cross body bag took FOREVER!!!   It turned out amazing though!   The diamonds on the back were very time consuming since they were so little.   Stare at the diamonds a bit and they kinda look 3-D.   

I hope this gave you a little inspiration to sparkle your own bag!   Share with me your final products on IG or FB!  I can’t wait to see your sparkle!   


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