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Sparkle Inspiration!

Hi!   I thought today I would show you a few of my sparkle creations to give you some inspiration to create your own!   Most of these examples were created for customers throughout the years.   Since I am originally from Louisiana, when I saw these boots that already had a gold sparkle heel, I just had to purchase them and add a little purple sparkle!   In Louisiana everybody wears their purple and gold on Saturdays!   I free handed the tiger eye and the LSU.   Check out my YouTube channel for the complete process on how to sparkle your own boots or shoes!

This adorable Jaguars wristlet was SO much fun to make!    I made this for a Jacksonville Jaguar fan to take into the stadium (hence the smaller size).  I used my Cricut machine to cut out the jaguars and then sparkled around it.   The jaguar spots were easy too!   Sparkle the entire side with gold and then add the spots in after the gold dries!   To see how to layer glitter and how to “seal” it, check out my Youtube page for a complete tutorial!  

These Denver Broncos inspired boots took SO long to finish!   They turned out fantastic though!   I used my Cricut machine to cut our the Broncos and I pressed it down first with my iron then sparkled over it last, after all of the other colors were finished, to give a little extra sparkle! 

I love the way these Kentucky Wildcat boots turned out!   These were a little challenging to get the diamonds straight and somewhat symmetrical, but I think they turned out amazing!  The blue sparkle is beautiful in the light!   The cross-body purse adds the perfect sparkle up top to match the boots!    In my opinion, you can never sparkle too bright! 

These Bengal Tiger booties turned out so cute!   They were by far some of my more challenging boots in that I had  to get the pattern even so that you could actually tell that it was a tiger face.  I used a print of a tiger face and cut parts out of the paper to make a “stencil” of sorts to ensure that the size of the face matched up on both booties! 

I hope these pictures gave you some inspiration.   What type of boots are you going to sparkle?   Leave me a comment and tag me in your finished boots.   Sparkle bright my friends! 


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