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We recently celebrated Mardi Gras and being originally from Louisiana, now living in the Midwest, I usually take it upon myself to introduce those unaware to a little bit of culture from the south.   Laissez les bons temps rouler!

The menu consisted of jambalaya, muffuletas, creole sausage balls, and a king cake.   I threw in a veggie dish as well just to have something safe for those uninterested in trying a new food item.   This menu goes against my usual motto of “know your guests and cater to them”, but to be fair, I did warn all guests in attendance that this was a simple Louisiana style menu and I held the party at 3:o0 (after lunch, but before dinner) so technically food expectations should be minimal.    I made food tags explaining what ingredients were in each item so that there were no surprises. Our signature drink was the famous Pat O’Briens hurricanes that I poured into hurricane glasses and garnished with an orange slice and cherry.    Feel free to use the attached labels at your party! 

I welcomed our guests with a Mardi Gras themed wreath and had masks and beads for those to wear!  These cute and inexpensive masks worked great, they did not look or feel too cheap and got the job done!   I ordered a few beads as well to go along with our “special” bigger beads that were actually caught at Mardi Gras parades! 



I decorated our mantel with a Mardi Gras banner and stuck a few Mardi Gras themed florals in our birdhouses and gave them some beads to get into the spirit of Mardi Gras!   In New Orleans during the Mari Gras season you will see beads hanging in trees, from the fences, balconies, and basically anywhere a string of beads land during the parade!  We streamed footage from the New Orleans area on our TV and played Zydeco music to set the party atmosphere. 

I ordered these banners to sparkle the house up a bit and used beads and doubloons to make the table and counters colorful!   


Mantel Banner:



The highlight of the party were my delicious king cakes!   I may be a little biased, but my king cakes, made from scratch, may be the best in all of the land.  I included the history of Mardi Gras and the history of the king cake so that our guests could get a little glimpse as to why we celebrate Mardi Gras.    A good time was had by all who attended!    

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