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I have hosted several parties throughout my hosting adventure and one thing people always tell me is that they feel so invited and comfortable in my home.   I am so thankful that those entering through our doors feel the love that I have that for them and can relax and enjoy themselves for a few minutes.   

A few things I always keep in mind when hosting a party:

  1. Know your guests.   Are you catering to kids, parents, grandparents, young/old, hard core partiers, or tired parents trying to catch a break?   Plan accordingly.  Do you need to have activities prepared to keep the kids busy while the adults socialize, or do you need to have fancy shots prepared and glow sticks on hand? 
  2.  Always have plenty of food.  Again, who are your guests?   Have an ample aray of options for all ages in attendance and don’t forget those guests with dietary restrictions.    Food that is easy to eat while carrying on a conversation is always a plus,  AKA simple finger foods.
  3. Prepare as much as you can in the days before.   Put up any decorations beforehand, chop up vegetables, clean the house, prepare your music playlist, and put together activities ahead of time.  It ALWAYS takes more time than you think to pull everything together on the day of the party!
  4.  Stock your bathroom with plenty of toilet paper, Kleenex, hand soap, and any other toiletry items your guests may need.   A candle and/or toilet Po0-Pouri go a long way!  
  5.  Answer your door with a smile.   Help your guests with their coats and bags.   Ensure your guests know where you are storing their items so they have access to them as needed.
  6.  Offer your guests a beverage.  I often say I will get you your first drink and please help yourself to the next one! I also let the guests know when the food is ready and encourage someone to take the first taste!  I keep an eye out during the party to ensure everyone always has a full drink and offer water to those in need. 
  7.  Candles are always a great addition to make your house feel like a home, but may not be best if kids are attending your party!  Battery operated candles make a nice touch as well.   
  8.  Connect guests with others.   You may have guests that are neighbors, from church, or co-workers.   Be sure to speak to everyone and introduce those that have common interests.  
  9.  As the host it is always nice to have a drink when socializing, but remember not to have too many drinks!
  10. Never clean up while your guests are still attending the party, unless of course you have that one friend that just insists on one more drink.   Never ever let your guests drive home after drinking too many!  Call an uber/lyft, offer up a guest bed, or drive them home yourself!  



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