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I recently threw my youngest child his first birthday party, and being the coaches son that he is, of course it was football theme! Also with the Superbowl the next day, the party supplies stayed up for a stellar kickoff event!

After deciding on the theme for any party the next step is developing a guest list and making the invite! Of course the invite should be themed to the party!  


Next up, the menu!   Food pleases everyone from the young to old, so consider your group attending your party. Will you have young kids, teenagers, parents, grand parents?  Be sure to include menu items that cater to all of your party goers. For Kolten’s first birthday I chose a nacho bar theme, this way everyone could prepare their food the way they like and, who doesn’t like nachos?! I had three different meat options, barbacoa, chicken, chili, and SEVERAL topping options! Along with the nachos I had small, street style, soft taco shells for those not wanting the crunch from the chips. In addition to nachos I offered a simple veggie tray (because someone is always watching what they eat, and if you can sneak a few on your kids plate that is always a win win!) and little smokies, which are always a hit at any party! Of course we had a football theme cake and ice cream as well!


The perfect beverage is ALWAYS a must to have a successful party. Again, think about your audience. For Kolten’s party we had babies, young children, teenagers, parents and grandparents attending. I offered Gatorade, water, sweet tea (because every southern belle always offers sweet tea), wine, and craft beer.

Now that the menu is set it is time to start planning the presentation of the menu! I used a cute “Ready, Set, Eat” prompt that I found on the internet to start the food line! I found the graphic online, saved it, printed it, and then framed it in a cheap frame I spray painted green. (I had actually spray painted alot of these frames green for decor in Kolten’s room and this was one left over.)

I used these cute astro turf squares I found on amazon:

I then used my cricut to make stencils to turn the astroturf into football field turf. I used a sponge brush and white craft paint to form the numbers and lines. The lines did not turn out crisp and perfect, but I still think they turned out cute enough for the party. For best results I recommend using tape (I used painters tape) to secure the stencil to the astroturf, then lightly stencil with white paint, remove the stencil, then take a smaller paint brush to fill in the numbers and lines. The paint did smear in a few places and once my yard line was crooked, but I was able to take a damp rag and wash the paint off once it had dried. **Note, I did not put anything super hot on top of the astroturf squares.

The nacho sqeezable toppings were put into these squeeze bottles with cute labels.

After the food and presentation is complete, on to my favorite part…the DECORATIONS!!!!  I always welcome the guests at the door with décor related to the party.   For Kolten’s first birthday I made a welcome sign using my Cricut and put his picture in the wreath that I had for winter.   I mean, who wouldn’t smile when you see that cute face staring back at you?   Balloons, streamers, and store bought signs always make excellent door décor to welcome your guests.



I always consider our mantel as the center point of our living room.  On the mantel I made a banner, again, using my Cricut, that said, “Kolten’s 1st yr Down”.   I tied some theme related balloons on each side and considered it done!  I made tissue paper tassels to add to the balloon strings for added flair. (Note:  The balloons were too small to hold up with the tassels attached directly to the string so I tacked the tassels to the mantel and blended the balloons in). We also streamed photos of Kolten’s first year on the TV.   


For the kitchen table I added a football field runner I purchased, the cake, and plates with cookies.   The formal dining room table had a football field runner that I purchased and simple football décor on top with more tassels from the balloons.   

I painted mason jars to go along with our football theme.   The jars were used to hold our utensils and also for pictures of the birthday boy!   For the field goal mason jars I added a small piece of Styrofoam in the bottom and used spray painted popsicle sticks to form a field goal.   I hot glued the sticks together and glued a picture of Kolten onto the back.   I used crinkled paper to fill in the top.   

I made a banner using the circuit and added extra tissue paper tassels for extra sparkle to spruce up the birthday boy’s chair.   Themed labels were used to help guests remember where the bathroom and coat closet was located. 


As a party favor I ordered these water bottles online and added names of the kids that were attending the party along with a thank you note!   Trail mix packets were given to the adults as a thank you!   Use the below generic tags for your next party! And lastly, don’t forget to dress the part!

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