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How to make a sparkle wristlet. 

Hi everyone!   Today’s blog will show you how I sparkle wristlets.  I HIGHLY recommend you watch the video to go along with the instructions below. 

Items you will need:

-A wristlet or other type of purse/bag to sparkle.   The wristlet should be made of a porous material, such as a canvas or cotton.  It does not matter the color of the wristlet as the glitter will cover it up. 

-Aleene’s flexible stretch fabric glue


-Paint brushes

-An old towel or paper towels’

Decide on a design: 

I am making a wristlet to take inside NFL stadiums so this wristlet is 6.5”x4.5”,  it is pretty small.   I first decided on a design and used my Cricut machine to cut out the Lions script and I then ironed it on.   Be sure to press down real hard when you iron on your Cricut designs and do not use steam. 

Layer the glitter:

Use your paint brushes to brush on the glue starting with the detailed area first.   So for my wristlet I should have start around the Lions font (although I forgot to start here in the video,oops!).   Be sure not to have any clumps of glue. Once you have the detailed areas complete,  continue to brush the glue onto the larger areas.  When you have the area covered with glue, sprinkle with glitter, and shake off any excess glitter and let dry.  If you are sparkling a large bag you may want to work in sections so that the glue does not dry before you add on the glitter.   

I am only using one color of glitter on my wristlet.   If you are using more than one color of glitter, complete this entire process with one color first, then once your first color is sealed, come back and start your second color.   Your first color should be the color that covers the majority of the bag. 

Second layer of glitter:

After the glue is dried (about 15-20 mins) use a larger brush to brush away excess glitter.   The glitter will adhere to any vinyl design you added.   You can use a smaller brush at this time to brush it off or just leave it until after your second layer of glitter is applied.   

Brush on your glue for your second layer of glitter just like you did for your first layer, starting with the detailed areas first, then moving to the larger areas.   Once you have a good layer of glue, sprinkle on your glitter and let dry.   Continue this process of layering glitter, filling in any holes that you missed, until you feel like you have a good solid two layers of glitter on your wristlet.   After the glue has dried, brush off any loose glitter. 

Sealing your glitter:

Once you have two layers of dried glitter on your wristlet it is time to “seal” your glitter.   The sealing process keeps the glitter from falling off and shedding as you use your wristlet.   You can make your sealer by watering down the glue.   Mix a little bit of glue with water until the water is a opaq (see my video to see what my sealer looks like), there is not really an exact measurement.   Paint the sealer over the glitter and let dry.  Try not to soak the wristlet with the sealer, but rather just brush thin layer of sealer over the glitter.   If you get a lot of drips of sealer on your wristlet you can use a paper towel to pat them off.   

Final Touches:

Once your sealer is dry (this can take a while depending on your environment), look over your wristlet and fill in or fix any holes that you see using the process above.   Glue, glitter, seal, is the process to keep in mind and be sure to let your glue and sealer dry before you start again.  To help speed up the drying time it is okay to set your wristlet in front of a fan or heater (just be sure it doesn’t get too hot)

Wear your sparkle with pride!   

If you have any questions, or have any other designs you want to see, be sure to drop me a comment!  

Sparkle Bright!  

glittered wristlet that says Lions.

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  1. Paula

    Awesome. That DIY video was so cool. Can’t wait to try it.

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