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Since toys/craft items are truly not a necessity during the crisis of Covid-19, I have been trying to find ways to change up some of our current toys to encourage more self play.   I have also been looking for new ways to throw in some learning while we play too!   I had an idea to update our blocks.   I used our set of colored blocks and made pictures that our 3 yr old could copy when building with his blocks.   I then taped  the paper to the back of a box and left a space for him to build his blocks like the picture.   I made simple pictures for our 3 yr old but the sky is the limit in what you could design.   Maybe an older child could even design their own building then build it themselves!   I made a few pictures for him to build and he was able to flip the page over the box to move on to the next picture.   

With our natural colored blocks I used painters tape to add numbers and ABCs.   Each block has four sides so you could add four different letters/numbers to each block.   I then had Olsen spell his name, put the letters in order of the alphabet, and attempt to spell Cat.  An older child could pick out the vowels, spell site words, or make a sentence.   

I again used our box to tape “worksheets” that I made for Olsen to fill in the missing numbers.   You could add any combination of numbers/letters to your worksheet to accommodate your child’s learning level. 

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