Welcome to my little place of sparkle!  

I am Kayla, wife of NFL football coach, Kyle Caskey, and mother to two amazing little boys.  We often just hum through our day, going about the motions.   Whether that be the same motions everyday, or new motions each day, we often lose track of what makes us happy, what brings us joy!   We may not have the energy to deal with one more tantrum from our 3 yr old, or attend one more boring meeting, but we are alive and have the next moment to live.   

In the past I have worked as an occupational therapist specializing in geriatrics and the business side of healthcare.   After the birth of our first son I decided to become a stay at home mom, which I have enjoyed way more than I could have ever imagined.   I hope to continue to add to our family if the good Lord has it in his plan to bless us again!

I have always enjoyed crafting, hosting parties, and of course, watching football.  Game Day Sparkles started when a costume designer showed me how to sparkle shoes.   I had the idea that I would sparkle a pair of tiger striped boots to wear to football games and before long, everyone was asking me to make them a pair of boots.  Now, I am a nice and giving person, but these boots took me a LONG time to make and I couldn’t just make everyone a pair out of the kindness of my heart.   That is when my friend offered to help and we started our little side hussle of Game Day Sparkles.   We would wear our boots to the football game, literally as a walking billboard, and take orders for custom sparkle boots.  Before long we had glitter EVERYWHERE and the fans were sparkling more and more each game.  

Moving ahead to the present, and two kids later, Game Day Sparkles has involved into a DIY lifestyle blog for party planning, kid activities and other miscellaneous DIY sparkle ideas! 

I hope on my site you find your own little way to sparkle, believe in yourself, and take your day moment by moment, knowing that you have only yourself to make happy!   The ole saying, “If momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy!” holds so much truth!   Find your happiness and sparkle bright!   

xoxo, Kayla 

Kayla's family, husband and two sons, on the sidelines of the Lion's football game at Ford Field.